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learn new stuff

our toys are crafted to provide as many learning opportunities as possible for your child

challenge your child

a good deal of the adventure is for your child to assemble it; so we craft it, your child builds it

parents, join the fun

you may even join your child in discovering his toy

make it unique

our carefully designed and made toys provide your child with opportunities for customisations: drawing, colours and even shaping the characters

only gender free toys

our toys are not for girls or for boys; they are toys for children to learn unbiased.

Our Products

Automata (assembly kit)

The automata is a toy that uses gears to animate characters. The camshaft and the cogwheels, inspired from devices used in modern combustion engines, determine the movement of the two characters, that challenge your children to use their creativity in order to customise them. It has lots of cool info on it to guide and help your child learn about neat stuff.

Comes with glue & sand-paper. Wits&intuition (and maybe you) will help your child assemble it or they can watch our wonderful instructions video

Age group: >5 years old Price: 16.5 €  I’M INTERESTED

Carousel (assembly kit)

The Carousel is an assemble-it-yourself entertaining toy. It is a good showcase for the concept of inertia: your child winds it and then watches it unwind and rewind for quite a long time. What do they think the number of character does to the duration of the movement? Hint: Inertia is about mass… But the Carousel has another playful side to it! Children may use the marble provided to reach the holes through the cutout labyrinth…

Comes with glue, sandpaper, string & ball for the labyrinth. Wits&intuition (and maybe you) will help your child assemble it or they can watch our wonderful instructions video .

Age group: >3 years old Price: 14.2 €  I’M INTERESTED


Does your child like geometry? Do they know what tessellation is? Do they like jigsaw puzzles? If the answer is yes on all three questions than they will love this beautiful toy and work of art. If they do not like (or know what is) geometry, they will after trying our puzzle and learning about tessellations. If they do not know what tesselations are, they will understand with this neat puzzle and even learn how to make new ones. If they do not like puzzles, the satisfaction this one gives you will make sure that they will.

Has 25/46/36 pieces.
Wits&intuition (and maybe you) will help your child assemble it.

Age group: >5 years old Price: :16.5/20.5/18.5 €   I’M INTERESTED

StampPress (assembly kit)

All children love stamps. But wait till they get their hands on the stamp press. It’s a simple assemble-it-yourself toy that can be set up in about 20 minutes. But it will provide countless opportunities to create new stamps and print them on many surfaces. For older children it is a great tool to learn a few things about second class levers (and levers in general). Younger children will pick up stuff for later in school just by playing with it.

Wits&intuition (and maybe you) will help your child assemble it or they can watch our wonderful instructions video. Comes with glue, bolt&nut, spigot, stamp material and a few stamp surfaces.

Age group: >3 years old Price: 14.9 €   I’M INTERESTED

Rubo car (assembly kit)

Everybody loves cars, girls, boys, women, men and even people who only go by bike. They are a symbol of freedom and being able to transcend your boundaries. So a toy car is a must. Ours is assemble-it-yourself and leaves plenty of room for imagination by being an open invitation for your child to make it their own by using plenty of colours to customise it. It’s great fun because it has an engine. It’s rubber band powered so it can easily be replaced once it tears down (unlike a real car). It also has rubber tyres, and will teach your child a few things about cars, motion physics and geometry.

Wits&intuition (and maybe you) will help your child assemble it or they can watch our wonderful instructions video. Comes with glue, bolts&nuts and a few rubber bands

Age group: >5 years old Price: 15.4 €   I’M INTERESTED

Sticks & Bolts Building Kit

Wood and building are connected together since the beginning of time. Wood and metal have been a cornerstone to building since many centuries. So this wonderful set of modular wood pieces and screws will lay the foundations of many building adventures, providing your child with lots of assembly combinations to let their imagination and dexterity roam free. And if they don’t like their creation they can always start over. As many times as they like …

Wits&intuition (and maybe you) will help your child assemble it. Comes with 24 fir wooden parts and enough nuts and bolts.

Age group: >5 years old Price: 17.5 €   I’M INTERESTED


We believe that playing is the main learning mechanism in nature and we use this concept to create relevant, innovative, hands-on learning experiences for children. So we develop and deliver to children educational programs and materials that make learning child play. We’ve been doing that for almost 3 years, creating for more than 2500 children, more than 350 hours of educational content, 600 activities and as many educational materials.

Since our mission is to make our learning products available to as many children as possible we decided to use our experience and energy to develop our own range of learning (educational) toys. eematico Toys. Based on our experience in designing and making educational materials that have been thoroughly tested by hundreds of children for years, we develop toys to make the most of playing as a developmental tool for children.

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We are off for a short vacation, between 21.12.2018 and 07.01.2019. In the meantime please browse our products and write down your wishlist, favorite some of our products so when we come back in January you will be all set on what toys you want. If you are on vacation or planning to go, have a nice one. Thank you and see you soon. Happy holydays and a wonderful new year! 


We are at the start of our toy manufacturing adventure. We therefore only able to provide, upon request, a limited number of toys. We will do our best to make sure that the toys reach you as soon as possible, but that could however, in some cases, take a bit since we do not keep a large stock. For now, payment can only be made cash on delivery, but we are working on making more payment options available. Delivery is not included, but should you like one of our toys we can provide you with a quotation. For larger orders (above 150 Euro) delivery in the EU is included. Although we invest a lot of time in quality, since most of our toys are assembly kits, we only offer a limited warranty depending on specific circumstances.

eematico PROGRAMS

Besides making toys, and in fact before making toys, we started 3 years ago by creating and delivering play based, hands-on, innovative educational programs for children 3-6 & 7-12 years old children. Come check them out on our education programs website.